“Innovation is a team sport.”


Entrepreneurs often need strong partners in order to scale their businesses. This is particularly true for those developing novel hardware systems, exploring new business models, or growing international ventures.

Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV) exists to accelerate the efforts of teams driving disruptive change. We are a Yamaha Motor Group company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Company (Japan).

Promising efforts sometimes raise venture capital. Financing these companies through strategic investment is a portion of our activity. For other ventures, strategic corporate partnerships might mean access to vehicles, technology, teams, hardware, infrastructure, or something else entirely. Whether investment, partnership, or both, we work collaboratively to create the future of industries ranging from personal transportation to industrial automation.

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Our Focus
What We Invest In

Automation & Connectivity

How do smarter vehicles lead to safer, more convenient lives?

Internet of Things (IoT)

As devices & vehicles come online, how do we empower users?

Robotics & Industrial Automation

How do we transition from manual, to autonomous, to useful intelligent systems?

Unmanned Systems

From drones to vehicles, how do we create autonomous systems which are essential to our daily lives?

Precision Agriculture

How do we improve yields to nourish a hungry planet?

Personal Mobility & Electric Vehicles

How do we move a growing urban population towards smarter commuting and exhilarating experiences?

Life Sciences

How do we create happier, healthier lives?

Our Portfolio

  • PrecisionHawk Logo

    Precision Hawk

    PrecisionHawk Inc. is a terrestrial data acquisition and analysis company that provides an end-to-end solution using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for data collection and analysis software tools to deliver better business intelligence to clients across civilian industries.

  • Veniam Logo


    Veniam is delivering the Internet of Moving Things, building networks of connected vehicles and offer fully managed services to bring high-definition data from your vehicle to the cloud, and collect terabytes of urban data for smart city applications.

  • Shhh...


    A Computer Vision Company

  • Abundant Robotics Logo

    Abundant Robotics

    Using advanced robotics to make orchard agriculture more productive.

Meet Our Team with Crazy Ideas

Interdisciplinary teams focusing on Innovation, Strategic Investments, Design thinking from day one.

  • Hiro Saijo

Hiroshi "Hiro" Saijo
CEO & Managing Director

  • George Kellerman

George Kellerman
Chief Operations Officer & General Partner

  • Amish Parashar

Amish Parashar
Partner & Director of Strategic Business Development

Aki Marushima
Head of Accounting & Financial Analysis

  • (Erin Keller Image)

Erin Keller

  • Mikiko Clanton

Mikiko Shimada Clanton
Business Development and Market Analyst

Kina Tua
Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Henry Liu
Director of Engineering

Ray Edwards
General Manager of ICT Business Development

Simon Crowther
Director, Innovation & Strategy YMVI

Craig Boshier
General Manager, Yamaha Motor Ventures ANZ

  • Carol Sands Langensand

Carol Sands Langensand
Advisor, Founder of The Angels' Forum, Managing General Partner of The Halo Funds